A View of Santhigiri Ashram

A View of Santhigiri Ashram
Lotus Parnasala and Sahakarana Mandiram , Santhigiri Ashram, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spiritual Experience of Reshmi Jaimon

Gurucharanam Saranam

Guru Gave New Light to My Life
Resmi Jaimon, Ernakulam

My first visit to Santhigiri Ashram was with my parents on 12th March 2002. This was after my father did a work for the Ashram, unaware of the importance of what he did. We realized several persons in the Ashram knew the work he had done for Guru. My father is running an anodizing plant which processes aluminum extrusions and products like aluminum vessels, to make it last for decades. My father did this process for Guru’s vessels. Till we had the rare fortune to do such a work, we hadn’t even heard of Santhigiri Ashram or Nava Jyothi Sri Karunakara Guru.

Swami Nava Nanma Jnana Tapaswi talked to us for three hours on that day at a stretch. He also informed us we can meet Sishyapoojitha Janani. Throughout our visit, I was sensing a kind of radiance in the atmosphere which I had never sensed anywhere before.

Swami Nava Nanma Jnana Tapaswi explained to us that food in the Ashram is served as Guru’s prasadam (consecrated food). We had lunch and further waited to meet Sishyapoojitha Janani. It was evening when we finally met Her Holiness and she asked me and my mother to come again. It was probably curiosity about what she wanted to convey to us that led us again to the Ashram after two days. Since then we have gone through a range of experiences and a turning point in my life came with my marriage.

Born to parents who had an intercaste marriage in late 1970’s, my brother and myself were taught that factors like region, religion, caste, educational background, career or wealth did not matter much when it comes to selecting a partner. My parents also did not support astrological predictions and hence they hadn’t got a horoscope prepared for me and for my brother.

Later, I came to know, astrological predictions do not always work for various reasons. For example, if the time of birth marked is not accurate, the calculation would go wrong. Lack of insight on the part of the astrologer is another factor. Only a Guru who can see our past, present and future can look into the incarnations we have had so far over the Ages and find a suitable person whose soul will match that of another person. And once such a match is made, it is up to the married couple to abide by Guru’s words and lead their life in accordance with Guru’s wish. Then only one can overcome the obstacles in life and evolve spiritually, as well as form a foundation for a better generation.

In January 2003, my parents told me that they were going to find a groom for me. I told my mother, we had to get Sishyapoojitha Janani’s permission and I would marry only the person my Guru selects for me. But my mother was reluctant to approach Her Holiness without finding at least one proposal. Those days, we did not have any idea about Guru’s concept of marriage. I was left with no choice, while my parents were trying to find a suitable match, after which they would seek Guru’s word and approval. We searched in online matrimonial sites and received several biodatas from which two were finally chosen.

My parents went to meet Sishyapoojitha Janani. Before they could say anything, Janani told them that they should not to go ahead with either of the proposals. My mother then told Sishyapoojitha Janani, one of them looks promising. Again, the reply was negative –even if we were to go ahead with the proposal, it will get cancelled at the last moment. Sishyapoojitha Janani further said that a devotee will bring a good proposal and my marriage will take place after I am 25 when my health is better. (Since my birth I have had a range of health problems which substantially decreased after I started praying and taking Guru’s medicines.) That was the end of my parent’s search for a groom for their daughter.

A couple of months later, to my surprise, Sishyapoojitha Janani asked me if my father was looking for a groom for me. I said no. Then, she called for my parents and asked them to look for a groom. She said that we should find a person who has deep bhakti, education and a job. I got the impression that we were going to find a matriculate daily wage worker. It was enough for me, I thought. I never dreamt of marrying a qualified individual or one with a higher occupation. But, since Sishyapoojitha Janani asked me to pray for a person with deep bhakti, I started praying exactly as I was asked to.

My father didn’t know whom to approach, though Sishyapoojitha Janani said, ‘Maaman, you know a lot of people here. Tell someone.’ Even before we had the chance to pass this message to anyone, Sishyapoojitha Janani again asked us to wait for sometime before proceeding. The same scene was repeated a couple of times. In January 2004, Sishyapoojitha Janani asked my father to consult someone he knows.

As we were coming out, in front of Sahakaranamandiram, the first person we met was Sri Janardhana Menon. Since, my father knew him even before we started coming to the Ashram, my father felt free to talk to him about this matter. Sri Menon asked if we had any demands. My father told him whatever Guru had told us. A week later, Sri Janardhana Menon, who was then in the Ashram branch in Ernakulam met my father again. ‘There are two suitable individuals,’ Sri Menon said, ‘You could consider them.’ He gave details of both and pointed out that one was more qualified. We said, ‘We are to go only by Guru’s words.’ After hearing our reply he talked, giving preference to the less qualified one. A week passed. This time, Sri Menon told us the name of the person.

On 24th February, 2004, two days after the anniversary of Sishyapoojitha’s Avasthapoorthikaranam, we got a message that we should reach the Ashram. On that day I had a glimpse of the proposed person from a distance. I was least concerned about how he looked like, as I had decided to go by Guru’s words. However, the case was slightly different on the other side. Having an unmarried elder brother and a younger sister of marriageable age, the proposal was a shock for my husband. He had never thought of his marriage at that time.

Late one evening, Sishyapoojitha Janani talked to my parents and me separately. Janani told my parents that the boy’s as well as his parents’ response were awaited. Two minutes later, Janani called me near and told me, ‘I am finalizing this relationship’.

It was after a few days, Sishyapoojitha Janani got the response from my husband’s side. He had also decided to abide by the will of Guru. In spite of knowing about my health problems he readily agreed and we got married in the month of August 2004. I cannot forget how my Guru showed me my husband and gave us both a life. Furthermore, I am glad to have a husband who takes care of me and bears with my health problems. He is the person I prayed for because he has deep bhakti, education and a job. Give a thought to this: ‘why should we bother about region, religion, caste, physical looks, financial status, qualification, and career and even of how much dowry one can get in the name of marriage?’ These are of least importance. Only Guru knows what is good for us. Let us leave it all in the hands of Guru to decide the best life for us. The best will follow. Let us silently and obediently with a happy smile and mind listen to what Guru asks us to do.

courtesy: Navapoojitam Souvenir 2009, Santhigiri Ashram

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