A View of Santhigiri Ashram

A View of Santhigiri Ashram
Lotus Parnasala and Sahakarana Mandiram , Santhigiri Ashram, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Path of Guru

Gurucharanam Saranam
The Path of the Guru
Carlos Guzman, Mexico

Etymologically, the term Guru means dispeller of darkness; one who gives Light by eradicating the darkness of ignorance from your soul. By simply being near a real guru his immense Prakasham - Light - will immediately start purifying your soul in a very powerful way. Why do we need a Guru?

We need someone who, is not bound, nevertheless always doing Dharma for the benefit of others when we have a great soul in our midst who has attained a spiritual state beyond selfishness, who has transcended the petty concerns of this world while still living in the world, who is unattached from his senses and desires, whose ego has completely vanished, who speaks and acts from Jnanam - Divine intuitive wisdom - and who is truly dedicated to the welfare of others, then we can have the faith and conviction that even we must strive towards such selflessness. And the Guru will lead you in the right direction. This is the Will of the Almighty. We are very fortunate to have such a guru in Santhigiri.

Our Guru left his physical form on May 6th 1999 and merged in the Almighty. It has been revealed from the Almighty that this day will be known as Nava Oli Jyothir Dinam - the day of the emergence of the New Light. Many disciples perceived in darshanam (divine vision, clairvoyance, revelations) that since Guru merged with the Almighty, his Light increased enormously and the experiences received by clairvoyance are felt more powerfully. Only a few days after this transition a large number of Guru’s disciples including myself could feel a much more powerful Light descending and merging into our beings while meditating and praying to our Guru. We were amazed and a little confused by this experience, but I, by clairvoyance, could realize that the Guru’s Light has increased immensely. Later I was informed by a close disciple that our Guru had predicted this increase years before his physical departure. This guidance from the Guru for the solutions of problems is now obtained more clearly. It is an amazing and unique experience not found anywhere else, that, the guru, after leaving his physical body, is controlling all the affairs of the Ashram through revelations. This guidance is actualized by our spiritual head, Sishyapoojitha Janani Amrita Jnana Tapaswini, a wonderful gift from our beloved Guru. She has attained a spiritual level that no other female has reached in millions of years. She is the channel of Guru’s Prakasham - Guru’s Light - conveying the Guru’s guidance and instructions, for the proper direction of his disciples and humanity as a whole.

One of the main features of this lineage is that Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru has been kindling the faculty of darshanam in his disciples and followers. The knowledge and information obtained in the Ashram, is not through the five senses, but through the extrasensory faculty of darshanam.

The Guru shows us the right path in the spiritual as well as material planes. The Guru informs us that our spiritual duty is not making offerings to dieties, saints, angels, and the like faith, devotion and a total surrender to a fully realized Guru are called for. Also you must have a correct mode of action, Dharma. Kali for spiritual as well as material well-being. The Hindu scriptures recommended nama japa (repetition of God’s name) or of a fully realized spiritual master “as the most effective saadhana - spiritual practice - in the present age of Kali for all attainments. In Santhigiri we chant the Akhanda Nama, the holy name of the Absolute. Traditionally Indians have the idea that Kali is a negative epoch. Of course this is a mistaken notion, Guru says there is a great deal of suffering in this age. But it makes an individual to turn his eyes towards God giving him the opportunity of spiritual growth. Secondly, suffering extinguishes bad karma, that is to say the negative consequences of our incorrect behavior. But it is very important to deal with the suffering. One should accept suffering with faith, surrender, resignation and humility, praying to the Almighty for the purification of the soul and for spiritual liberation. Otherwise one would be in disagreement with God’s Will taking one away from God’s Light, blocking inner evolution. Place faith in the Almighty and surrender all problems to Him. For everything that happens there is a reason. In many cases one does not understand this because the root cause lies in actions done in past . We get what we have to get according to the Divine Law.

We, who live now in this era, are extremely fortunate because man is bestowed with the privilege of working out all karmas - actions - to earn mukuti - spiritual liberation. For such liberation you need the Purity, Knowledge, Grace, and Guidance of a Guru who is a Trikala Jnani - one who can perceive past, present and future of everything and everyone. Such Guru evaluates your soul, seeing past incarnations, karmagati (good and bad actions ingrained in the soul), punnya - (virtue, merit), bhagyam (good fortune), vasanas (good or bad habits acquired in the past) and also the potentiality of your soul. Based on this knowledge, the Guru gives you instructions to conduct your life in a proper manner and to optimize your spiritual evolution. He makes you realize through self experience. Prayer and righteous karma (correct mode of action) dedicated fully to the Guru are also essential. Such Guru can burn out part of your bad karma and help you evolve, to a state beyond your imagination. Religious observances, rituals, sacrifices and offerings based on traditions, are not enough to attain the main goal in life: spiritual evolution that eventually leads to liberation. In this era such redemption is possible for all in Gurumargam.

At Santhigiri Ashram, Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru has rediscovered this lost path and has expounded a fulfilling way of life suited for this age. By following this path of a fully spiritually realized Guru, anyone can attain the best possible for oneself - spiritually as well as materially.

Human race gets from the Guru unprecedented knowledge which no other spiritual master ever gave. The Guru performs a new divine holy act which no one else could undertake in the past – Pitrusuddhi. It is called Gurupooja in Santhigiri Ashram and it is an act of Grace of the highest spiritual dimension. Through this the purification of ancestors takes place, liberating the individual as well as his family. The ancestors are freed from the influence of dieties, saints, angels and the like which these has had worshipped while they lived. These ‘celestial beings’ were, to them, the Almighty himself.

When these ancestors take birth again, they will be able to perform their karmas - actions - in a more correct way, because of the purification, that will lead them towards their attachments in a more dynamic way. Also Pitrusuddhi enhances the birth of better children, because after purification better souls can incarnate if successive generations follow. This spiritual path, then the gothram, the entire family line will improve spiritually beyond measure. The deities and saints worshipped might not have attained higher spiritual states and more than doing good to those who worship them, they cause harm and hinder the spiritual evolution of the living. Those who are worthy among them also get cleansed of the living.

Thus the Guru guides you in the spiritual as well as in the material planes, giving you what your soul deserves, always aiming at the evolution of your soul. Whatever he gives will be according to the Dharma - Divine Law. In other words, He is going along with the Will of the Almighty.

Some deities, such as saints, angels and devas (deities misconceived by the Hindu tradition as god-head) who have reached certain stages in spiritual evolution, need to be pleased or gratified in one way or another. They are bound to their emotions, because they have not attained spiritual liberation. They can feel all sorts of emotions, positive and negative, such as joy, anger, hatred, egoism, envy, etc. Therefore they can block your evolution and might even cause your physical destruction, as you evolve, approaching spiritual phases higher than theirs. This is mainly due to jealousy.

Some deities might be able to give you wealth, health or whatever you ask for, though in return they can take away punya – (virtue ,merit) and baghyam (good fortune) that you have acquired during numerous incarnations, and as a consequence you can be reborn with illness, deformities, mental deficiency, bad luck in life, etc. They do not follow a Dharmic spiritually correct way. In some other cases, some deities grant your wishes unknowing of the consequences it is like a father who is fond of his son buying him a big and a fast motorcycle. The careless son drives extremely fast and collides with a bus and becomes paralytic for the rest of life. Remember that the Guru will always give you what you actually need protecting, above all, the evolution of your soul.

Sanathana Dharma is the Divine Perennial Spiritual Law, integrating material life with a cosmic spirituality and it differs from religion. The essence of it is Divine knowledge, which undoubtedly will lead you to the apex of evolution: spiritual liberation. This elevated and elavating knowledge is found in Santhigiri.

In the Cosmic Time Scale of Manu - first preceptor of mankind - we are living in the 7th Manvantara of the 28th Chathuryuga, in the era of Kali, more than five thousand years of Kali have passed and more than 400 0000 remain. Guru informs us that a grave conceptual error had occurred to a great soul in the lineage of Manu (first preceptor of mankind) twenty-five Chathuryugas around 108,000,000 years ago. This led to the obstruction of the evolutionary process in humanity. By 1975, the Guru attained such power or realization as to start an important purification process a cleansing that clears this block which had been there for millions of years. This is the Guru Pooja mentioned earlier.

The deficiencies of your soul with which you are born are responsible for your illnesses, physical deformation, mental deficiency, miseries, poor economic situation, bad luck, problems in life, bad parents etc. But by the grace of the Guru, you can gain relief from these problems. On your part you must be active, doing your saadhana (spiritual practice) diligently, following the Yugadharma (Divine Law for the Age). And the Guru will give you correct guidance in all aspects of your life. Such guidance and intercession in turn lead to receiving children far better than you in punya (virtue, merit), bhagyam (good fortune) and an elevated karmaseshi (ability to act)..

The Guru has said that the first Guru in our life is the mother and she should have patience, understanding, harmony and a proper spiritual knowledge to fortify and guide her children properly. It is only through good women, that a home, a society, a country and the world can prosper benefiting humanity as a whole. The Guru gives great attention to children. These little ones have to be trained well mentally, spiritually and academically, as they are the future guides and leaders of humanity.

The main prayer in the Ashram is a chant that was received as revelations to disciples. Your spiritual evolution is enhanced by chanting it, as it is the most powerful mantra of the age. The Guru had said special disciples will come up in this Guru Parampara (group of people that follow the Guru’s spiritual path; lineage). They would be born in Kerala or in other parts of this world, for continuing the transcendental work that the Guru has started for the liberation of the world. In the foremost disciple Sishya Poojitha Amritha Jnana Tapaswini, we already have a proof of this prediction.

The lofty idea of creating a society endowed with values, society beyond caste, social position and religion, promoting peace will be enhanced by Guru’s cleansing process through few generations. New generations will strengthen and consolidate the creation of a new world wonder.

Even though our era, Kali, started more than 5000 years ago, the Yugadharma of the earlier Yugas, i.e. Treta and Dwapara are being followed in a mixed-up way. The prevalence of worship of all kind of deities misconceived as fully realized souls and the methods of worship reflect this fact. We are still performing tantric yaga and yajna, (complicated sacrificial fire rituals) for example ancient mantras (sacred syllables or words) which connect you to past sources of spiritual energy are practices contrary to the Yugadharma of Kali.

Guru is mainly a reactor. Remember that Isaac Newton, renowned English scientist stated the three famous Laws of Motion. The third one states that: ‘To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. This is a law of physics and also a universal law that applies to everything, everyone and every single creature on Earth. When you perform certain actions, such as following our Guru’s instructions closely, doing your saadhana, performing correct actions, etc., there will be positive reactions in your soul through Guru’s grace. Then you attain more Light.

The Guru empowers the disciple to do certain important tasks in the astral planes like in no other place in the world. Such enormous grace from the Guru makes Santhigiri Ashram a unique place.

A Perennial Message from Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru

Gurucharanam Saranam

A Perennial Message from Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru

(Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru delivered this Message to a group of youths in Kerala in the 1980s, which has perennial and universal relevance in this troubled times)

Have you ever thought about yourself? How long, do you think, would you be here? Sixty, seventy or at the most of hundred years! Like a government servant you will have to retire sometime. Then, don’t you think that your life in this world has no meaning? From whom shall you get the true knowledge about that true meaning? Would your learning help? Can politics help? Or are you of the view that there is nothing beyond this life? If that is the case, anyone can indulge in any wickedness without consequences affecting them.

You mindlessly talk about an omnipotent power that presides over the universe. Do you really know what you are talking about? Your children are happily playing before your eyes. Do you realize that they are going to be mothers, fathers and grand parents? Have you given anything adequate to prepare them to meet life spiritually and temporally? Would the present materialist class room lessons suffice? Even those who cause destruction and calamity to the world are born as children to parents. Have you ever thought of the sad plight of those parents?

Whoever we are – Hindu, Christian, Muslim etc. – we belong to one humanity, don’t we? Have the masters – Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, the Prophet, Sri Narayana Guru, Chattambi Swamikal et al – ever pursued caste, creed or religion? Don’t you realize that it is the people with parochial and vested interests who confine these great masters? Don’t these seers belong to the entire humanity?

Are not Hindus, Muslims and Christians children of the same mother – India? We have traditions of sacrifice and love. Then why do we flight with one another instead of living in amity for the betterment of our home and country? Is it in order to drag the names of great teachers into your differences in caste and religion? You need not embrace all the master’s ideas, but must you trample upon them? May your children realize their value!

Can’t you evolve a faith above caste and creed? Do you have any place from where righteous thoughts and ideas are conveyed to your children? Seek. You might find it. It is a matter of divine will. Only a realized soul who can see past, present and future can redeem you. He would be above the narrow confines of caste, creed and religion. Jesus, Aurobindo and Nostradamus prophesied the coming of such a soul. If there is humanity left in you, may this thought follow you? Santhigiri continues to give out its tidings.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Eyewitness Account of Avastha Poortheekaranam Celebrations

Gurucharanam saranam

Avastha Poortheekaranam and Kumbha Mela Celebrations
(Mukundan P.R.)

(My experience when the procession of vehicles carrying Kumbams reached at Pothencode Junction to a tumultuous welcome and the subsequent meeting at the Rock Quarry where Sishya Poojita Janani delivered a message to the assembled devotees. The following day thousands of people participated in the Kumbhamela procession).

The rising tide of enlightenment,
Conquers the borderless skies!
The populace watches in stunned silence,
As the Light of Guru advanced,
With chariots decked,
Hundreds in accompaniment,
With holy ‘kumbham’, from far off places;
In the bosom of civilization rises wisdom!

Sishya Poojita, Her words thunder,
With Faith, Love and Wisdom,
The rock-quarry trembles, where thousands assembled,
The devotees are bestirred, their hearts now in high tides;
The clarion call of India, of Dharma,
The victory of truth seekers,
The sages;
The blossoming of social good,
The tender rays of the Brahmic Will,
Its rise;
It is Avastha Poortheekaranam,
The ‘self’ sacrifice of the disciples,
In the altar of Guru!

It is the adoration of Brahman;
The victory cry of Sanatana Dharma!
The journey of thousands with light,
Carrying kumbhams,
The pots,
The prayer filled journey of devotion,
Of enlightenment,
That erases the defilements of Jeeva,
And its many debacles.

It is prostrations at Guru’s feet,
Not a procession;
Prostrations wearing white,
And the yellow thread of sacredness.
It is not a sacred go,
But holy kneeling at Guru’s abode,
The surrender with firm vows!

It is the chanting of mantra,
Not murmuring of prayers,
Chanting that soothes,
Even the pangs of deaths and births,
It is the mantra of avastha poortheekaranam;
The revealed word,
Of spiritual completions,
Of Guru-disciple protection,
The mantra to Brahmic Bliss!