A View of Santhigiri Ashram

A View of Santhigiri Ashram
Lotus Parnasala and Sahakarana Mandiram , Santhigiri Ashram, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Advance by Doing Good Work

Advance by Doing Good Work
 Guruvani - The Sacred Words of Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru
  (Translated from the original Malayalam)

The religion I believe is of friendship, fraternity and truth. Neither my aim nor my desire (is) to blindly believe and proceed to the path of self-destruction, remaining divided. There are rays of love in all people; I wish that all people live in happiness. I do my individual work with that aim. I wish to bring you to my path, which has been the outcome of my austerities. I consider it as one of my aims.

Now let me clarify what are my ways. Today, our society is completely polluted. Divided it stands and it is advancing towards the depth of total destruction every moment. Nobody has an idea where to go or in which direction. The scenario of all people confusedly looking at each other is usually seen. What is the solution for this? That is what is to be found out. Numerous people are being ruined facing many sorts of difficulties; they go about without hope suffering from chronic diseases that are incurable; financial instability stares at many people. Thus, I see around me a huge crowd of disturbed human society. They do not have any idea about what to do. Sisters and Brothers! You who consider human birth as a curse, I have only one thing to say: I am ready to give you my strength.

What is the strength in me? I know many among you will ask this question. I will tell you in detail. My strength has been earned from never-ending self-denial. I performed austerities for that for several years. I underwent sacrifices for that. Those sacrifices made me what I am; made me different. You might have the desire to know from where and what it is. That is only natural. Before clarifying that, I wish to take you to our tradition, to the core of Indian spirituality.

When we just peep into the spiritual excellence of India, we see that a small group of great sages had worked for the goodness of humanity. They highlighted our Hindu culture from time to time through their austere life. Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and others were the brightest rays of that tradition. The majority of the people had not been able to follow their path. Let us leave it at that and come to our state, Kerala.

Here, three eminent sages were born. In that, first comes Sankaracharya, running down to our memory. The other two are Sri Narayana Guru and Chattambi Swamikal. Their blessings have always been benedictory to our little Kerala. We are seeing its stirrings. However, as ages pass by, many changes are taking place in the minds of the people. A situation has been created that makes it difficult to pass through the ages, keeping unshakable faith in the teachings. There is no use blaming anybody for it. It happens and it can happen.

Today the necessity of providing guidance to the people at particular time periods is much more. That only can give them peace. There had been such guidance behind the existence of Christianity, Islam and all. Several people define it in numerous ways and patterns and describe it in different aspects. Today people have become unable to hang on to old dictums. The revival of different sects is a consequence of this.

It does not end there. It will exist as an unending process, as long as men are on the face of this earth. There are modifications of different types in every religion. However, it is not that change would occur in their fundamental teachings. Nevertheless, what I point out is that it would be modified according to the times.

In this background, I invite your attention to the problems of Hinduism. Hindu religion exists as a great tree. It has many branches; there are branches in those branches too. Thus, all those exist there infirmly and without a coherent relationship. A lot of things have to be said about the problems of Hinduism. I believe that what has been formed in me today is the result of years of thinking on this. I could see and experience many things.   

 All those are incidents of long suffering that melt the heart. My conscience was hurt thinking about the decadence of our society. Through that pain, through that sorrow, I could develop a unique inspiration. When I was only a small child, I was struck down by its impact. I stepped into many places for a clarification. I understood many things. At the end of it, I began the journey towards my goal. The sacrifices that I underwent to achieve that goal are what made me what I am today.

It was a time when caste divisions were dominating. That period is not imagined, but was being experienced directly. When I saw that, a fire was raging in my mind. There were many occasions when I thought that I would be burnt in that fire like dying ashes. There I found a person. I became his disciple. I could learn many things from that Guru. You should not misunderstand when I say that I could learn only because of my power of endurance. I had to endure a lot; had had to wander about. There I had not at all the thought whether I would succeed or not. There was only one aim; the effort was for that. In the end, I found that.

Didn’t I tell you about the polluted customs of the society?  There I have some more things to say. That is about the Aryans who came here. They were giving commandments. According to those commandments, ‘those poor people’ fought; they were made to believe that they were powerful. These poor people were enthralled by it. The remaining communities were seen as unworthy beings and if they were seen (in front of them) instructions were given to crush them. These people continued to do those ‘valiant actions’. As a result, all the other communities were suffering it. What could be done?

Under this circumstance, it was not possible for those depressed classes to organise themselves. Those people who were living suppressing their pain were cursing. Do you know whom that curse hit? Those who imposed those wicked actions and those who carried them out! With that, our communities began to be degenerated. When several groups in Hinduism fought with one another, all communities were getting ruined. These poor people had not known this. We see that process in the political field also; power is gained after making people clash with each other and destroying them. Like that, it was there in our Hindu community also. As a consequence there is a big group of people here who have slipped down to ruination.

Those people who got the curse upon them, and another group who were termed as backward and thus marginalised! I see these two groups here around me. Both these are getting convinced that what they have done was wrong. Now what they want is progress; an ascension from the lower steps. What is necessary for that?

It is here I assertively say that a path should be cleared for them. If you go by that path only, you can get freedom from this sin of yours. I know any number of families who are plunged in suffering; I am ready to give them my strength. Several people have approached me till now. I have only one advice for all of them: advance with your good work, seek remedy for sins. Seek the advice of Gurus for that.

When I say about the matter of Gurus, I have another thing to remind you. Today, Marvaris, Gujaratis and Sikhs are leading a good life in North India. Several among them are industrialists; they are leading a wealthy life. There are Gurus who guide them, and they move the pawns of life according to the guidance of their Gurus. There is big success in their life because of it. This you know without my telling.

In that way, in the Hindu community also, Gurus are ready to give guidance. However, our people should be prepared to know and respect them. My belief is that we can attain a good future in that case.