A View of Santhigiri Ashram

A View of Santhigiri Ashram
Lotus Parnasala and Sahakarana Mandiram , Santhigiri Ashram, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yugadharma and the Householders

(The Sacred Words of Navajyoti Sree Karunakara Guru)

Yugadharma and the Householders
(Translated from the original Malayalam)

Material reality is very important to mankind. Disregarding physical phenomena nothing can be understood. Our body arises from karma (action); that is materiality. What can be achieved without the physicality of the human body? To assume the Dharma of the body, Karma is necessary. Only the knowledge gained through (the medium of karma) will be useful to us. Only that knowledge has a locale. How have all of us - men and women, small and big - transmitted this knowledge through our lives?

There was a time when a disease was diagnosed from the pulse. When it was modernized it has become impossible without touching the blood, bone and marrow. Still, wherever and whatever is examined, it is not known where the disease is located. All the undiagnosed diseases would be covered up by jargon too difficult to understand. We are enslaved by some jargon or the other like this. There should be a change to this error.

It is the householders, grihasthasramis, who should correct this fault arisen from habit. Only they can do it. They have to struggle a lot for it. Many more hardships will have to be undergone compared to what we undergo for the sake of husband, wife, children, education, wealth and power. For setting this karma right one should decide to make one’s own house the very starting point. It should be handled in such a way that everybody can understand it. For, from the time of birth until one is able to walk, it is in the home-environment that one grows. For a mother (girl-child) who is brought up thus, that tendency (learnt from home) would be in her blood, marrow and flesh. For developing such inclination in mothers, first the men themselves should inculcate it. The home environment should be thus developed as far as possible. When such effort is coupled with the accumulation of virtue, punya, the prevailing method of education itself will change the world over.

When there is no clarity of aim with awareness, the God-given blessedness of the earth itself will be lost owing to a deviation from the course of mankind’s (right) karma and dharma, resulting in children who sow ruin all-round. (Hence) it should be done in accordance with the changing times. That it has not been done this way is the reason why thinkers, rulers, physicians, householders in the world and social activists regret they have got into a vicious circle. Even those who, standing in the midst of people, dish out moral teachings and Vedantic aphorisms taking the name of great preceptor-traditions are convinced that their own lives and the whole life of the society that they lead are caught in this vicious circle. These are people who do not think about the matters that have come by divine dispensation or evaluate the Yuga Dharma. The populace, therefore, being caught and trodden under the grip of devotion, liberation, rationalism or atheism has moulded the householders in such a manner that they have become ready to be thrown into a big fire-pit that is looming large.

All the technologies discovered by the West to save themselves, enduring shivering cold and snowfall, are pitched towards us to spell ruin. Though we possess here a nature suitable for living by whatever means and a land rich with agricultural produce, we remain idle, hands locked, making others to work in the manner of slaves, acting as the lords - the consequence of which we are experiencing ourselves today. The result of that very karma has come back to us. We have got a situation, wherein, after cultivation, in order to crop the produce, the consent of someone else has to be sought. If the crop is to be harvested full, one has to stand with folded hands before the hewer. Otherwise half of the crop might be left uncut in the field. Thus we are in the midst of all kinds of degradation. We have no drinking water, no law and justice. What kind of freedom do we have? We, who do not have freedom, say we are free. Except polluted air, what do we have to take in? Aren’t the five fundamentals, the panchabhuthas, themselves polluted? In our country the situation is at least a little different because there are no big factories and companies functioning in our land. The world falls apart like this while our notion is that the world is progressing. Ignorant multitude of people, who mindlessly glorify science and technology! (There are) some others who are aloof from all this. There are yet other ignorant people who say yes to whatever is told. This karmic circle makes your life empty because it does not let you think or make others think about the perpetual loss and destruction taking place in the world. I am reminding you again about those intimations being given to the world for the past many years as the Words of God.

The technology of the Westerner - who tries to show superiority by writing, sketching and experimenting to prove whether the greatest invention is ‘ours’ or ‘yours’ - not being satisfied with the assault from both land and sky, is destroying the people through ideology, activism and government. I am reminding you once again that the householders of the whole world ought to be vigilant; otherwise they are preparing themselves to cast their own future generations into a vast fire pit that is getting formed. Because, whatever way it is created, do the parents have any alternative other than letting the children be in this very society?

What does each one do in the name of politics? Politics is a thing (karma) which gets extinct in a day and fated to be so. But the youngsters who are unaware run after politicians and take politics for their life. They start reflecting about it only when half their life is over. By that time, turning back becomes impossible because they are not in a position to start afresh. Ask any leader, who has crossed the middle age, in private. And he would agree that it (his entry into politics) was a mistake. If it is considered seriously, you will realize that this is an outrageous wrong being done to the younger generation. But we have not realized at all what a great wrong it is! This evil will vanish from the very face of the earth, if the householders could unite and act with a will. It is enough for you to understand that it is deception and it will disappear on its own. Until you realize this situation for yourself you will not be able to listen to and believe in any counsel. This karma (the politics of today) does not have to be eradicated willfully; you need only perform your duty with awareness.

What is that duty? It is fulfilling the karma (efforts) accrued through previous births. It is not possible for you to act from the awareness of all past lives and achieve the completion. It is not necessary for you to know it either. It is enough to learn to believe. This is what Jesus said that your faith will save you. You should learn to have faith. A Source is being given to you for faith. Remaining firm on that Source, everything can be accomplished one by one. You, your wife and children are involved in the same karma. What you attain should be attained by them also. The father should be one who has attained love through faith, karma through love, virtue (punya) through karma, and good fortune through virtue. The womb of a mother suitable for this is also necessary. Have we brought up such virtuous mothers? A father, who has to be god for the children, should he not reach at least the level of knowledge of showing the path to God? Your search should be for this. Whatever else you find for them would not do. This is karma. This is virtue. The father and mother who reach this virtuousness actualize the ‘progeny of the world’. This is not the accomplishment of the renunciate, the sanyasi. What can be done if you householders live abandoning this? Caste, religion or class is not applicable to the life of householders. The dharma of the age should lead you as the light.

This is the Age of Kali. The Dharma of Kali is the guidance given by the Guru who has come (to the earth plane) extinguishing all karma, going beyond tantric and mantric rituals and actualizing the Saakteya, Saiva and Vaishnava traditions and (who has) earned the right for liberation through cycles of birth accumulating virtues in life. Kali is brimming in a manner that declares that even the teachings of Jesus and Mohammed are not enough. If the Dharma of Kali is to be accomplished, the wife and mother in our households should be virtuous like the wife and mother of Prophet Mohammed. Initially the prophet could not make out the Word from Light. The Prophet thought that it was an illusion. It was his wife and mother who understood and encouraged him. They were of such goodness and qualification.

The householders should be able to bring up such a girl (wife) who would say (to her husband) that, “I would pray for you so that you may attain whatever blessedness.” Only if you do karma of this much virtuousness, you can become the heirs to the work of redeeming the Age. It cannot be got by one who has disqualification in karma, no matter how high his status.

If this ever revolving orbit of planets is to offer us beneficence remaining in their paths, the grace of God is indeed essential. People should get this knowledge through the Governments. This should be accepted by the people and governments as much suitably.

How can one think and realize the possibility of interstellar destruction, if we disregard these matters, immersed as we are in mirage-like rhetoric and words of consolation? We must maintain constant vigilance to accept this physical duty by our life, if we are to bring up India as the basis of prosperity and the true source of the Word of God.
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