A View of Santhigiri Ashram

A View of Santhigiri Ashram
Lotus Parnasala and Sahakarana Mandiram , Santhigiri Ashram, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spiritual Experience of Brahmacharini (Dr) Anu

My Life - Gift of Guru
Brahmacharini Anu

My Guru, Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru is the reservoir of love and kindness. And this has given me my life for a second time. And the experience, which I met with, is beyond what modern science is able to explain. My name is Anu Kureethara and ‘Kureethara’ refers to my family which had its own position in our village. My grand father Dr. Sreedharan was well known to each and everyone in our locality. But by the time I was born, the family had lost most of its glory. My father was a Section Officer of ‘CUSAT’ and my mother hails from an equally well known family. But unfortunately, most of the members of my family died at an early age and this included my grandfather, father and uncle. All died around forty years. Now my family consists of my mother, who is working in CUSAT, and my brother. The incidents which occurred when I was 9, compelled me to believe in fate, or what is known as GOD’s wish that is written even before one’s birth. But all my beliefs were proved wrong when GURU-gave back my life or else I would have left this world as per my family’s history.

After completing my tenth standard exams, I continued my studies staying in the Ashram. It was according to my GURU’s wish. I did not understand why GURU told me to stay here, but now, I know that GURU knows everything - what has happened in the past, is going on in the present and what is to happen in the future. And GURU knew that my life-span was short, so kept me near HIM and saved me from death. I consider the moment when I decided to stay in this ashram as the luckiest of all, because it was the turning point in my life.

Once when I was with Guru, Guru asked me - where is the seat (position) of Sishya (disciple)? I had no answer and Guru explained that the place for disciple is always on Guru’s lap. He again asked me where Guru should be? For this also I had no answer and Guru told - The position of Guru should be in the sacred (holy) chamber of disciple’s heart. In later years, I was able to experience the endless love of Guru towards me.

I had not suffered from much serious ailments even though there were severe headaches that would last for only one night. The next day or after sleeping, I would be okay. But the severity of the pain was in high. On one such occasion, I went to Guru and told about this. To this GURU told... “YOU SHOULD COME TO ME WHEN the pain HAPPENS TO BE INTOLERABLE”.

On hearing this I felt like crying, thinking how could I tolerate even more pain than this. Years passed, and there were occasions of severe headache and they were all tolerable. Then on 6th May 1999 - Guru merged with “Adisankalpam” we were all left alone. But Guru did not want us to be alone and gifted us with Guru’s Sishya Poojita Janani Amrutha Jnana Tapaswini. And from that day, I have felt Guru’s presence everywhere.

On October 2nd 2001, around 3 pm, the most dreadful thing happened. For some reason, I had to bend down and it so happened that I had some irritation in my nose - especially the left one. And then a drop of blood came followed by an outflow of blood. I was frightened and within minutes my dress and my towel all were smeared with blood. Every one around me was frightened and they rushed me to Janani.

Janani was calm at first but suddenly rose from the seat and gave me some medicine (homeo). My nose was bleeding severly and when someone told me to raise my face in order to decrease the flow of blood, I felt the blood flow through my throat. Then Sishya Poojita Janani gave some oil, which was applied over my nose. Suddenly, the blood flow decreased to one or two drops. I don’t know what had happened to me, except that I was going away from this world. I felt I had no relation to the outside world.

I was rushed to the nearby hospital first and then to Dr. Radhakrishnan (ENT specialist). By that time all the people in the Ashram prayed for my life on Janani’s advice. When I reached the hospital, the bleeding had stopped, but suddenly I had a vomiting sensation, but only one or two drops of blood came out of my mouth. Later, I came to know that at the same time Sishya Poojita Janani had vomited blood.

The doctor made a detailed check-up but was not able to diagnose anything. I was given a few medicines and was asked to come only if I bled again. This never happened again because Janani gave me some medicine (Balasarvangam). But today I know how I was able to survive that day - only through my GURU’s unlimited kindness. How GURU through Sishya Poojita Janani has given me a second birth. And now I realize - GURU and Janani are one. Guru acts through janani and what Janani speaks out are the Divine Words of Guru”.

Sishya Poojita Janani had done sankalpam for me and had diverted my disease. And it was as a result of this that Janani had vomited blood when actually I had to. I consider this as the greatest example of Guru-Sishya relation. Guru takes care of every one, every child, even when his/her parents are left helpless. GURU can do much more than blood relations can.
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