A View of Santhigiri Ashram

A View of Santhigiri Ashram
Lotus Parnasala and Sahakarana Mandiram , Santhigiri Ashram, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Role of Spirituality in Health

Dr. Bahuleyan
The place focality in the science of Ayurveda is unique. They are inseparable because the bond between them is very firm. This divine form of Science has penetrated deep in to the spiritual and material aspects of life.

If we want to bring forth the spiritual aspects of this science of life, we have to explore the personal experiences. I have a lot of personal experiences with Guru. Santhigiri came to the field of health under the guidance of Guru to alleviate the sufferings of the poor and the needy. The people who came to the ashram could get tranquility and peace of mind at the very sight of Guru. I was much graced to witness innumerable exciting moments during my association with Guru. A lot of people came to Guru after undergoing treatment for many serious diseases but without any recovery. I can recollect many instances where such people got relief and cure by adhering to Guru’s words. In such cases, doctors will only be instruments.

Here, I would like to narrate an instance from my personal experience. A person, who had fallen from a big tree, was brought to the ashram. He had many fractures, injured muscles and dislocations. Guru asked me to treat him even though I was very inexperienced at that time. Only because of Guru’s grace he got quick relief and could walk and go home. That instance aroused much satisfaction and happiness in me. Once a twelve-year-old boy was brought to the ashram who had lost his eyesight, as the reaction of a medicine given for curing fever. According to the doctor treating him, there was no chance of regaining the eye sight since the optic nerves had been damaged. The entire family was in a terrible plight. At that time, late Mr. K.P.Vaidyar, Karuvatta and myself were in charge of the Santhigiri Hospital. Guru asked me to give all the necessary treatment for the boy and I started the treatment on the usual prescribed way. In addition to that, we gave the medicines prescribed by Guru after Sankalpam. The boy recovered very soon and was advised to continue the treatment for a certain period every year for a length of time. That boy regained full eye sight and has completed more than two decades and now heads a Panchakarma Centre at Malappuram. Thus Guru’s grace and kind words give motivation and strength to every deed. Guru fulfilled His mission through me, I felt . The boy and his parents were very happy . They brought some gifts but I refused to accept these. But when they brought these home, I was forced to accept them. I submitted the gifts to Guru. At that time, Guru looked at every one and commented ‘what use of money for a Swami, I am the one who treated him’. Later on, I realized that Guru quoted this as a reminder of an experience which Sree Narayana Guru had from his Vaidya disciple at Aruvipuram.

When hundreds of experiences come to my mind in a row, I cannot forget my bitter personal experiences that affected my family. My wife, Mrs. Lalitha Bahuleyan, was a victim of the dreadful cancer during 1984-85. Even after giving various treatments, there was no sign of recovery. I was in a very pathetic situation. But I never told Guru about it. Once Guru asked me why I was worried. Guru knows everything but a disciple has to tell his grievances to Guru and beg for Guru’s mercy. That awareness is lacking in us and that itself is the grief of Guru. When I told Guru about my wife’s ailment, he instructed Janani to find out the details through vision. The ailment was of a defect in the jiva and there was no treatment for it. The entire family has to pray, and only through that, the defects in the jiva can be rectified, that is what Janani had seen in the vision. We strictly followed the advice of Guru and were deeply involved in prayers, sankalpa and offering of flowers on every Monday and Friday. Janani had also seen in the vision that no secondaries were formed. After a period of time, Guru told us to remove the tumour through surgery and take medicines afterwards to prevent it from recurring. Doctors in the R.C.C. commented that I was doing research with my wife’s tumor. It was because of their ignorance about jiva and soul that they commented like this. After surgery, my wife is enjoying good health.

According to the Ayurveda philosophy, diseases are the result of Karmadosha. These cannot be cured by medicine alone. Those doshas can be removed through prayers and these should be done under the guidance of a fully realized Guru. By the grace of the ultimate Brahmam, through Guru, the disease was completely cured. My wife wrote an article about her experience under the title ‘Guru - God for us’ in the 65th Gurujayanthi publication of the year 1991.

One day in Nov. 1998, I had a heart problem at one O’ clock in the night. I could not breathe. When I came out and started vomiting, the sound awoke my family and they were frightened. I prayed strongly to Guru and I felt his presence. I got some relief and did not have much problem later. I was taken to Sree Chitra Medical Centre and all the tests were done. They identified three blocks in the heart and told us that an urgent bypass surgery is required. If not, there is possibility of heart attacks. I reached ashram and informed Guru. After listening to me Guru asked me to postpone the operation and to take some medicine which was identified through vision by Janani. I started that medicine and still continue it.

In the present context, I do remember the words of Guru. He once told us that He was an Ayurveda Acharya and we devotees were the disciples in one of the previous births. Let these words be accomplished always. Let the renaissance of Ayurveda occur through the research at Santhigiri.
(Courtesy: Santhigiri International Conference Souvenir)
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