A View of Santhigiri Ashram

A View of Santhigiri Ashram
Lotus Parnasala and Sahakarana Mandiram , Santhigiri Ashram, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pratishta Varshikam -Anniversary of Consecration of Prayer Hall

Gurucharanam Saranam
Today, 10.02.2009, is Pratishta Varshikam-The Anniversary of Consecration of Prayer Hall by Guru

Prayer Hall of Santhigiri Ashram
The prayer hall of Santhigiri Ashram is consecrated as per the will of Brahman. The foundation stone for this prayer hall was laid by Guru on 20th October, 1986, Monday at 12’0 clock noon (Malayalam Era 1162, Tulam 3). It was constructed as per the intimations from Brahman according to the concept of cosmic wheel consisting of 27 stars 12 constellations and 9 planets. The sanctum sanctorum was erected on the morning of 30th January, 1989. The concept of Guru behind the establishment of this prayer hall is to nourish a universal culture based on truth. The consecration took place at 3 AM on 10th February, 1989 (M.E.1164 Makaram 28). Guru himself performed the consecration. Prayers and contemplations associated with it were done from 3 to 9 in the morning.

A magnificent golden lotus with the conceptual 2444 petals! This had been revealed through vision. The splendid and beautiful lotus was installed in the prayer hall above a platform having ten steps. These ten steps denote the elevated soul effulgence of Guru that exists above ten spiritual planes. Above the golden lotus is the glorious outline of Guru. Situated in its centre (heart) is the glittering Aumkar. From the Aumkar, rays of scintillating light spread in all directions.

The completion of prayers and contemplation for the consecration took place was on 23rd April, 1989 (M.E. 1164 Medom 10). The anniversary of the consecration is celebrated on Makaram 28 and the completion of consecration on Medom 10th. These days are the sacred days granted to mankind by the grace of Brahman to pray and dedicate oneself to that Supreme Will till the end of time. These days are the memorable milestones made available by the providence of God laying the path of worship and dharma in Kaliyuga for the whole humanity. Nothing should impair that sanctity and its significance, our burden of work or other rituals in life.

The consecration meant the pouring out of Guru’s own soul effulgence in the object consecrated. This caused severe repercussion in the physical body of Guru. The soul of Guru! The soul of transcendental union and bliss; the soul that ploughed the path for liberation in the Kaliyuga; the soul that has self- fulfilled through innumerous divine manifestations such as a god (deva), Rishi or a sage of self realization! From the peak of transcendental solitude and god realization, he came down to the world of mortals as per the decree of Brahman. Rising again from the ocean of perfection, re-enacted the spiritual ascensions and fulfillments, in the short span of a life. He burnt himself countless times in the fire of endurance. When he passed through this fire of torment, self fulfillment or spiritual completion took place. His soul became the universal abode of the 2444 gurus born in this Kaliyuga. He was elevated to the true meaning of ‘Guru is verily the Supreme Brahman’, proving the scriptural aphorism. He became the supreme father of the universe fulfilling godly will.
The appointed time for the graceful transfer of his soul effulgence as willed by Brahman came near. It was the peak of self sacrifice – the sacrificial consecration of one’s own soul that pulsated inseparably with the light of Brahman. The soul is installed or poured out on to something external. It is like discarding one’s soul from the body or transferring ones soul to an external object. That was the consecration Guru did. The penultimate sacrifice of forsaking one’s soul with all its earned virtue out of sacrifices made through thousands of births. Here the sacrifice of Guru and the Will of God gets fulfilled in perfect unison. The golden moment in the history of sacrifices! But it is not the end of the historical path of sacrifice. It is only its beginning, the point of emergence which will thread through the epochal valleys of time – the Manvanataras.

The first step in the process of Santhigiri’s ascension in the spiritual sky of the world had already begun with the consecration of prayer hall by Guru. The word of Brahman that Santhigiri would become a world famous pilgrimage centre was being actualized in the subsequent years. Thousands and thousands of people began to climb the steps of Santhigiri Ashram. World famous political leaders, literary giants, stalwarts in social and scientific fields, spiritual leaders from all religions and creeds, thinkers and educationists - all came to Santhigiri Ashram and saw the ray of hope and the preparation for a great renaissance emanating from Santhigiri. They experienced indescribable peace and transcendental joy in the abode of Guru.

Thousands of families from a society divided by the walls of caste, religion and class migrated to a new spiritual movement of equality, spiritual experience and guidance. They experienced godly love and fatherly protection at the feet of Guru. They submitted themselves at the feet of Guru along with all their possessions, worldly and otherwise. Thus a big community of disciples and devotees sprung up in Santhigiri Ashram. Guru created an enviable model of self sufficient community living, which has become the succor and hope of thousands of people, engaged in various professions, trade and enterprises. It was the birth of a new spiritual movement bereft of caste and religious identities and discrimination. It ploughed the path of liberation and human elevation to a depressed and diseased society, opening up the spring of a universal transformation.

Fulfilling the revelations during the days of ‘spiritual completions’ of Guru that great souls in all Guru lineages would take birth in this Guru Parampara (Guru Lineage) thousands of families were cleansed of the spiritual drawbacks at the genetic level so as to prepare the way for the birth of noble souls in the subsequent generation of these families. This spiritual cleansing was called Guru Pooja in Santhigiri Ashram, which is performed to the families of devotees with the permission from Guru.

Guru continued to live a life of extreme simplicity. He still lived under the roof a thatched hut, which he did till his last moments. The devotees of Guru wished to construct a magnificent edifice for Guru, the divine manifestation. Guru permitted the construction of this building and named it as Sahakarana Mandiram – the House of Cooperation. It was revealed about this that it would become the meeting place of world leaders in the time to come to discuss issues of mankind. The heads of nations would come to Santhigiri to seek guidance from Guru in various matters. The process of actualizing this prophesy has already begun. President of Indian Republic, top leaders of national political parties, Governors, Ambassadors, Central and State Ministers and other top officials met Sishya Poojita Amrita Jnana Tapaswini in the Sahakarana Mandiram and held discussions in the subsequent years after the passage and merging of Guru in the primordial light of Brahman.

Guru had completed the purpose of his life and the mission with which Brahman had entrusted him. On Thursday, 6th May, 1999 at 9 PM, Guru left his physical body. His soul left the mortal world and submerged in the primordial radiance of Brahman – the Adi Sankalpam. He became Nava Oli and Navajyoti, the new radiance of Brahman. A revelation came from that Light after Guru’s Adi Sankalpam. ‘Do not think that I have gone from you. I am with each one of you, as the totality in your life. I will continue to guide this Guru Parampara till the end of time’.

After Guru merged with Adi Sankalpam, the primordial radiance of Brahman, as per the intimations from the Light, a disciple was elevated to the position of Sishya Poojita, i.e. the venerated among the disciples. Thus Janani Amrita Jnana Tapaswini, who was with Guru from the age of nine and who performed spiritual intercessions on behalf of Guru through the medium of transcendental visions for a long period, became the first Sishya Poojita of Guru. Guru’s presence and guidance still continue as prophesied and will ever continue for ages to come.

A golden era has begun, not only for India, but for the whole humanity. The liberating, transforming and guiding light of Guru is the threshold to that great dawn of civilizational change and uplift.
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